Guida Woodworks, Inc., located in Flagstaff, Arizona has been supplying art rubber stamp mounts to numerous companies across the United States since 1986. We make the highest quality mount on the market at a competitive price. To ensure the quality of our mounts, we purchase the best grade of Eastern White Hard Maple free of discoloration. We also finish-sand our mounts on both top and bottom (no machine marks or ridges) so our mounts are ready for indexing.

We offer three different profiles. The hourglass and square profiles are best for hand-indexing, and for labels that don’t wrap around the sides of the mount. The hourglass label profile works best with labels that wrap around the sides of the mount.

Mount widths are available in 1/4″ increments starting at 1/2″. Length can be cut to whatever is required. We make pegs, and cubes, from 3/4″ to 2″. We also offer 18″ strips.

When placing your order, please allow seven to ten business days for production, however most orders ship sooner. For orders weighing over 200 lbs, we can offer you a substantially discounted UPS shipping rate.


Hourglass Profile

Hourglass Profile

Square Profile

Square Profile

Hourglass Label Profile

Hourglass Label Profile


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